Introducing our guest blogger

We are extremely exited to announce our new weekly lingerie blog is now online at NIN Luxury Lingerie.  Every Saturday you can read everything you need to know about lingerie,  tips & tricks on how to take care of your delicates, brand spotlights and product reviews by the hand of our guest blogger Crinkled.Sheets.Lingerie.Peeks. 
As a lingerie blogger is crinkled.sheets.lingerie.peeks is already active on many other platforms and we are thrilled that she is sharing her love for lingerie and her immense knowledge on the subject with NIN Luxury Lingerie. 
To get to know our guest blogger a little bit better we have a little Q&A set up which you can read underneath. 
Tell us a little about yourself and your love for lingerie.
I’m a Kiwi woman who simply adores all facets of lingerie! My favourite aspect these days is helping others find pieces they’re completely in love with.
 Due to a love of costuming colliding with the Neo-Burlesque revival (front and centre during my formative teen years), I became very interested in corsetry. A complementary love of lingerie grew gently alongside this. It remained present throughout my twenties, until several years ago I became quite ill and my body subsequently went through a lot of changes. It was during this time that I turned to lingerie as a way to try to help me come to terms with and embrace my new normal. I found great success and joy in this endeavour, and my passion for lingerie sharply accelerated! I see it as a delightful celebration of my body combined with a love of hidden, wearable art.

You are from New Zealand. Are there any special customs around there when it comes to underwear? 
I don’t believe we have any special customs here in NZ around tarau roto (Maori for underwear), but we do have a bra fence!  In 1998, 4 bras mysteriously appeared on a rural fence outside of Cadrona - a ski area in the South Island. It didn’t really become well known until an appalled resident began removing the bras off the fence. In response, people began adding more bras in force. A tit-for-tat, if you will! The fence has been cleared several times (one of the removals counted +1,500 bras), but the bras keep appearing. A donation box was added for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation at some stage, raising over $64,000. 
More info here if you’d like to read about it.

Do you have a partner? And if yes, what does he feel about your passion for lingerie?
My partners have mostly been ambivalent about my lingerie (I sure know how to pick them, haha!). While this was initially disappointing, it’s ultimately been a blessing in the way that I am purely shopping for my own enjoyment. It simplifies the consideration process to: Do I love and feel great in these pieces? Fantastic, done!

Do you have a favorite lingerie moment (that you are willing to share)?
Honestly, there are so many! I’ve felt such empowerment through this medium. But I will choose one that I found endearingly amusing. Last year I bought my first ouvert (cupless) bra. It received quite the reaction. The viewer was thoroughly confused and intimacy was placed on hold for a bewildered discussion, as it took them a while to wrap their head around the concept.
“Wait, what!? Where are the cups?”
“What do you mean there are no cups?”
“So…  …  … it’s supposed to look like that?”
*Further Inspection*
“Um…can you leave it on!?”
I mostly succeeded in suppressing my gentle chuckles! Mostly.

What style is on your wishlist at the moment?
The top spot on my wishlist definitely goes to Studio Pia’s  Soraya longline bra and the matching robe. Soraya has been my dream for several years and to say I’ve been looking forward to Studio Pia’s new addition of a larger cup size would be an understatement. It has an incredible ethereal beauty about it. Following that, I have my eye on some Fleur du mal and Agent Provocateur pieces.

What else are you passionate about other than lingerie?
I love helping others, whether that is volunteering or assisting a local or online friend. I also love getting creative with all sorts of mediums, from traditional art to metalsmithing. I play drums & percussion, and have been teaching myself guitar (admittedly with mixed results!). While unwell I’ve been taking a break from archery and kayaking, but I enjoy yoga when I’m up to it. My favourite simple pleasures are a warm cup of tea while listening to the rain and relaxing baths.