Lingerie Review: Demetria from Harlow & Fox

Have you ever had a really bad day, where you momentarily dream about throwing off your responsibilities and escaping? If I had to choose a set to disappear into the forest in, this would be it. 

Harlow & Fox is a luxury lingerie company catering to those with fuller cups (DD+). Designed in Great Britain, they create decadent pieces that are incredibly unique, and have scooped up both wins and distinctions in the UK’s Full Bust Brand of the Year time and time again. 

Harlow & Fox Dimitria

Beautiful abstract floral embroidery is the star of this set. I originally saw leaves and received very strong “Eve” (as in, the “first woman”) vibes. The bra’s elegant scalloped edges are trimmed to perfection. And then there is...drumroll please…double-sided silk panelling! Double-sided silk is an epitome of luxury that I hope everyone is able to experience at least once in their life. Please hear me when I say that it is a delightful feeling. The golden rings hold wide silken straps (also double-sided!) which are more comfortable for heftier busts, helping to support and spread the load (as thin straps can cut into our shoulders with bosom weight). Speaking of heft, when I look at the interior of the cup, I can see that it is thoughtfully reinforced with power mesh. Leanna has clearly put some engineering muscle into her line.

The brief’s front embroidery placement strongly reminds me of Eve’s supposed fig leaf, which is a fun and unique design. The double-sided silk around the hip area feels lovely, and the cotton gusset (which is silk backed) is soft and breathable.

I certainly wouldn’t blame Eve leaving the garden of Eden in search of this set!

Harlow & Fox Demitria

Sizing and Fit:
I ordered my usual bra size, which I also own in other Harlow & Fox pieces, but my personal experience was that the band runs large in this specific design (or silk batch). Sadly even on the tightest hook, the band rides up a lot on my back, so I will be looking into going down a band size in the future and utilizing sister sizing (when the band is decreased in size, size up a single letter in the cup and you will have the same cup volume as before). The cup runs true to size. The shape it gives is more natural than a lot of the traditional circular bras out there. I wouldn’t classify it as a retro shape, but on my bust it leans in that direction. It looks great under a t-shirt, and due to the construction, it is quite supportive.

The brief is true to size and comfortable for all day wear.
In my opinion, Harlow and Fox creates some of the most beautifully sewn lingerie that I’ve had the pleasure of coming across. The silk is sumptuous and durable, the embroidery is gorgeous, and the stretch tulle sturdy (but not rough). Their stitches are neat, and I haven’t yet seen a single wonky seam in any of my pieces - something I’ve found to be common in some other high-end and luxury brands. As mentioned above, the scalloped floral embroidery edges are meticulously trimmed, and the appliques are well sewn to the tulle.
Due to the construction, I have no doubts that this would be a long-serving set in terms of wear. I own other Harlow and Fox pieces and my most worn bra has been holding up exceptionally well.

I would absolutely recommend this luxurious set to others! It is comfortable, very well constructed, and gorgeous. I’m hoping to purchase a smaller band size in the future, and add in the matching suspender to live my full wood-nymph fantasy every day, especially on the difficult ones where I could use a boost!

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All items in this review were purchased by myself and all opinions are my own.


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