Lingerie Review: Joan from Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur’s Joan is an Icon (part of their core collection) for a reason. Its classic design is truly stunning. It is flattering on a variety of body types and I know 60+ year olds who look great in it! It also holds a special place in my heart as my first Agent Provocateur set. I own it in two colourways, and hope to add the new seasonal white and newly added permanent black versions to my collection soon. 
Components: Joan is made out of soft Polyamide, which feels nice against the skin. The bold asymmetrical lines are very flattering. Something that surprised me is that despite its strappy design, it actually works exceedingly well under clothing. I often find that a lot of lingerie tends to show through fabric that is more figure hugging, but I have had great success with Joan. So much so, that I have several of the bottoms to wear under tighter garments. I would have thought that the double strap design of the thong would have caused more than the usual visible panty line, but no! 
Sizing: I find Agent Provocateur's bra bands can often run small, but this style runs true to size. Due to the shape of the cup, I find it is forgiving (I snuck my at-the-time DD’s in the D cup and the gore still laid flush against my sternum). 
The brief fit is generous, and if you were to gain some weight, it still looks fabulous. 
The thong has extremely forgiving sizing due to its elasticity. I have gone up a full bottom size, and still wear my original 3 without any problems. I thought that due to the design, I might resemble a Christmas ham, but definitely not! 
The suspenders are slightly generous in my opinion, but not as much as the bottoms.
Durability: All of my Joan pieces are holding up very well after several years. Since I wear the thongs regularly outside of the set, I thought I might see some pilling, but this hasn’t happened. I hand wash my sets, and the pieces still look practically brand new.
I wholeheartedly recommend this style! It is beautiful, has high wearability due to it’s low profile fabric, and everything is so comfortable
Joan is available from NIN Luxury Lingerie in the seasonal white, newly added black, and soon to arrive classic pink. 
Bra 109€, brief 49€, thong 45€, and suspender 95€.
All items in this review were purchased by myself and all opinions are my own.
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