Review: Eternal Lovers Scarf by Logandria


Today I am reviewing the limited edition Eternal Lovers scarf, which is one of the three Logandria designs NIN Luxury Lingerie carries. This design is very limited with only 50 having been made, and will not be reprinted.
Logandria creates deliciously hedonistic 100% mulberry silk scarves, containing softly erotic imagery with mythology and fantasy themes. Her designs are filled with interesting details and meanings, much like a fantastical adult-themed I-Spy book. It’s likely one would be finding something new within the design for some time to come! 


The scarf comes in a nice pink gift box, with Logandria’s label embossed in gold. Inside is a helpful instructional card detailing how to provide your scarf with the best care.

The design features an intimate look into the crypt of two married vampires, who have clearly been snuggling for centuries. Beautifully adorned, they are basking in each others company in jewellery and luxurious lingerie. One set you may recognise is Jasla by Studio Pia with its delicate gold chain embroidery.
Strewn about them are treasures they’ve collected over the years, and what looks to be the remains of the odd midnight snack...but I’m certainly not going to risk asking them! 
Details I’m especially loving are the little bloodied pet paw prints, naughty polaroids, a lone human hand (jewellery has been pilfered), gaming controllers, fake toy fangs, the two differentkind of toys (what looks be Lelo & Hitachi vibrators), and a victorian blood-letting chatelaine. 


In lush shades of blood reds, raspberry, violets, and gold, the colours are rich and very well printed. I have seen many other scarves over the years where the printing turns out a bit fuzzy and undefined, but Logandria’s print lines are sharp. The illustration has been mirror printed (printed on both sides), ensuring its vibrancy.

Fresh out of the box, the 14 momme weight silk is delightfully crisp. The edges of the scarf are rolled, reminding me of Hermès’ finishing. The designer was kind to also loan me her personal scarves so that I would be able to see how they had worn after several washes. Once washed they become very soft and supple, which I personally prefer due to being a creature of textural delights (much like the vampires I suspect). Either way, the silk is gorgeous and sturdy. To be honest, I had not expected this silk to be as robust as it is! This makes these scarves a purchase that I would be unafraid to wear daily.


Due to the detail-rich design, you are guaranteed to have something interesting peeking out no matter how you fold and tie your scarf. This design measures 105cm x 105cm, which makes it suitable for a huge range of styling options. It is the largest scarf Logandria makes, so it easily lends itself to becoming a multitude of free-spirited shirt options (swipe for video tutorials) or being wrapped sensuously around hips. It can also be worn traditionally around your neck, in your hair or however you desire - your imagination is your only limit!


As mentioned above when discussing the material, the silk seems like a very sturdy weave. I have also experienced several well-loved Logandria scarves that have been purposefully put through the wringer of a very active daily life (worn during hiking trips in the bush, tossed in the bottom of bags, used as a stylish head-covering in the rain). They are in remarkably good condition after all of the above.
Eternal Lovers and other Logandria designs are currently available for drop-shipping (2-5 days for US customers, European customers can expect delivery in under 2 weeks - although holiday parcel influx may impact these estimates) via NIN Luxury Lingerie. Arnhem locals, look out for these hitting the store soon!
These scarves were loaned to me by the designer at my request. As always, my reviews are my own genuine opinions.
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