Studio Pia's dragonfly-inspired AW23 collection

Studio Pia Airlia - a light blue lingerie set inspired by dragonfly wings

The Inspiration Behind the Collection
Studio Pia's AW23 ‘Odonata’ collection is a breathtaking tribute to the enchanting dragonfly. The story begins with Pia, who recently relocated to a picturesque town and stumbled upon a serene lake teeming with these ethereal creatures. Mesmerized by their graceful dance atop the water's surface and their ephemeral nature, she found herself captivated by the dragonfly's allure. Inspired by their iridescent wings that glimmered under the early Autumn sun and their jewel-like bodies that radiated beauty, Pia embarked on creating an extraordinary collection bursting with whimsy.
The resulting designs in 'Odonata' are nothing short of fanciful masterpieces. Intricate embroideries delicately capture the symbiotic relationship between dragonflies, air, and water – an exquisite depiction of nature's harmony. Voronoi tessellations inspired by the wing patterns of these mesmerizing insects intertwine seamlessly with soft blue tulle fabric evoking a sense of tranquility reminiscent of still waters. 
What truly sets this collection apart is how Studio Pia has ingeniously incorporated elements from this magnificent creature onto each piece—dragonflies adorn the wearer like scattered gems glistening in sunlight or moonlight as they flit about effortlessly among reeds and flowers.
Airlia is the first style to hit the store from the Studio Pia Odonata collection.  Just like a dragonfly darting across rivers and lakes, Airlia's designs are inspired by the iridescent shine of their wings as they perform mesmerizing acrobatics in mid-air. The shimmering and gauzy nature of these delicate creatures has fascinated scientists and artists for centuries. With an aim to celebrate the extraordinary intersection of art and nature, Airlia captures the essence of a dragonfly's wing under a microscope.
The intricate details on each piece are reminiscent of Voronoi tessellations that have been beautifully embroidered in mulberry purple and glittering threads. Paired with soft blue satin, this combination creates an ethereal feeling of lightness that is simply enchanting. What sets Studio Pia apart is their commitment to sustainability – even their tulle base is made from recycled materials! And if that wasn't enough, they have trimmed every piece with certified recycled satin in their signature icy Blue shade.
Studio Pia understands that fit matters just as much as aesthetics when it comes to lingerie. That's why they've ensured adjustability throughout each design so you can personalize your fit according to your preferences.

Style options

This captivating range features a demi bra and a quarter cup that effortlessly combine sensuality and sophistication. As for the bottom options, Studio Pia has made a bold choice by including their best-selling styles - the seductive strap thong and the flattering high waist thong. To elevate this already stunning set, they have added a tantalizing suspender that adds an element of allure to every ensemble. But Studio Pia doesn't stop there; they understand that attention to detail is paramount when it comes to designing truly extraordinary pieces. That's why they offer additional accessories such as matching garters and an enchanting choker, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of their creations while expressing your individual style. With the Airlia collection, Studio Pia continues to push boundaries in the world of luxury lingerie craftsmanship, leaving no doubt about their unrivaled artistry and dedication to celebrating femininity in its most elegant form. 

Studio Pia AirliaStudio Pia AirliaStudio Pia AirliaStudio Pia Airlia 
Sustainability has always been at the core of Studio Pia's design process, and their latest collection is no exception. In a conscious effort to reduce their environmental impact, they have opted for recycled polyester instead of silk in this range. This innovative choice not only helps to preserve precious resources but also promotes the concept of circular fashion.

Furthermore, Studio Pia proudly supports fair wages and ethical practices by manufacturing all their designs in a reputable atelier based in Romania. By empowering workers with fair pay and safe working conditions, they are setting an example for other brands within the industry.
Airlia is now available for worldwide shipping at NIN. But there  is even more to come from the magical Studio Pia collection. Sign up to our newsletter to be first to know about the next style to be released.