10 Lingerie Costumes for Halloween

It’s that time of year again! As your resident Halloween Queen (a Hallow-Queen, if you will), I’m here to help with some costume ideas.

All of us deserve luxurious adornment and to be dripping with jewels. Slip on Studio Pia’s Sofia and become the Queen you are!


Become a seductive Siren in Undress Code’s beautiful Modern Love set. None shall resist your song!


If Medusa is more your muse, Studio Pia’s Naga set is sure to leave whomever dares to meet your gaze, speechless.

As a Forest Witch, the Undress Code’s Dream On set has a bewitching charm that lends itself to being Autumnal, while also reminiscent of Spring. Perfect for Spooky times in either Hemisphere!

Shed your mortal trappings and become Venus, Roman goddess of love, in this ethereal Coco de mer set, finished with Agent Provocateur’s Vanna gold pasties.

Just add a plait for a sweet Milkmaid in Agent Provocateur’s Maybelle. Oh these milk jugs are so heavy, I’ll never reach the farmhouse! Yoo-hoo, stable boy!

Your Vampiress love is eternal in I.D. Sarrieri’s Rose Noir. No need to try looking in a mirror either, we already know you are a vision to die for (and also not to be crossed...alright, I’ll stop, these puns are starting to suck). 

Pretty in pink as a Ballerina in Joan by Agent Provocateur. Just add ballet slippers; tutu optional!
Agent Provocateur’s Svanna, a beautifully feminine set with pink ribbons & golden wheat, is sure to be a pleasing offering to Persephone. Greek goddess of the harvest, fertility, responsible for the seasons, and...Queen of the underworld. (Quite the resume!)

Or, for my final suggestion, perhaps you’d like to throw more traditional costumes out the door and opt for a Sexy Bernie Sanders with I.D. Sarrieri’s Evening Goddess...paired with a few key accessories.

@Silk.Sheets.Lingerie.Peeks is a Lingerie Blogger from New Zealand. She enjoys Halloween, a good potion of tea, long walks on the beach of forgotten souls, and attempting to justify her massive knicker collection by coming up with costume ideas.