Brand Spotlight: E.L.F. ZHOU

Launched in 2016 by Yue Zhou and Qi Zhang, E.L.F. ZHOU  is a line from London creating bold, handcrafted, luxury lingerie and accessories. In addition to being one of the designer’s nicknames, the acronym E.L.F. stands for Exclusive Lingerie (and leather) in Fashion.
Committed to using only the finest materials, they source textiles from France, Britain and Italy. All production takes place in their London atelier. Their pieces are often recognised by the marriage of lace and strappy detailing, where they take bondage themes and apply them in softer  approaches. The adjustable sizing means that you will have a piece that fits you perfectly even if your body goes through some changes (weight gain, weight loss). 
 Created for the woman who is fearless in her risqué style, E.L.F ZHOU produces bold statement pieces that are meant to be seen. Two such examples being these beautiful bodysuits that merge lingerie with ready-to-wear. 
These pieces are just begging for outerwear styling!
A range of E.L.F ZHOU designs are available at NIN Luxury Lingerie.
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