Brand Spotlight: I.D. Sarrieri

A marriage between Romania and Paris (arguably being the two strongest lingerie powerhouse locations in the world) could be the ultimate lingerie power couple, and that’s just what the Romanian-born and Paris-based Iulia Dobrin provides in her line. Launched in 2003, I.D. Sarrieri is a premium luxury lingerie house focusing on meticulously detailed pieces. Using couture chantilly laces, exquisitely embroidered tulle, sensuous silk satins, and delicate sheer mousselines, each piece is designed to be an exceptional item in your wardrobe. While the traditional lingerie colours of black, white, and red are often preferred by classic tailoring brands, I.D. Sarrieri is not afraid to introduce colour to their offerings. Their use of rich jewel tones and soft shades complement a wide variety of skin tones and offer unique choices in a sea of black lace garments.
I.D Sarrieri pieces are very distinctive and instantly recognisable. Precise craftsmanship and attention to detail is at the forefront of their design ethos, with pieces that are designed to be seen. It’s no wonder they are a celebrity favourite for a ‘lingerie as outerwear’ moment. Blurring the lines between lingerie and ready-to-wear, I.D. Sarrieri pieces offer a seductive way to add an alluring touch to an outfit. Popular examples from previously curated collections include a lace bra peeking through a crisp white shirt, an intricate floor-length chemise for a black-tie affair, and a corset-detailed bodice teamed with sharp tailoring. 
I.D. Sarrieri pieces add confidence, elegance, and an indulgent moment in celebrating the art of getting dressed, focusing on a return to glamour while empowering it’s wearer. Rhianna, Ariana Grande, and Madonna, all appreciate the flair of this distinctive lingerie on the red carpet. I.D. Sarrieri’s sumptuous product lines are stocked by the finest lingerie boutiques and department stores in the world, including NIN Luxury Lingerie. In my personal opinion, the ‘La Naissance d'Aphrodite’ style is not to be missed! Bohemian Sundays  is available in both a gorgeous emerald green (such an underrated lingerie colour!) and stunning ruby, while the newly released Midnight Affair comes in a dreamy blue cornflower. 

@Silk.Sheets.Lingerie.Peeks is a Lingerie Blogger from New Zealand. She enjoys a good cup of tea, long walks on the beach, and rolling around on her large hoard of knickers like a lingerie-obsessed Smaug.