Brand Spotlight: Posie

Quote from the designer: 
“If you aspire to be part of the revolution where we say no to fast fashion, we buy beautiful products for longevity, and we care for the planet and its people, then you have come to the right place.”
Posie Upshall launched her namesake lingerie line, Posie, in 2019. A passion and dedication to the environment runs through the very thread of this lingerie. During her studies at De Montfort University, she became increasingly concerned about the ethics and sustainability within the fashion industry. Therefore Posie strives for sustainability wherever possible. 

Nature is echoed throughout Posie’s collections, from the beautiful embroideries, to the carefully and mindfully chosen materials. She uses bamboo silks (pesticide-free, fast-growing, highly renewable), deadstock laces (surplus from other designers that are otherwise destined for the landfill), and organic cottons. Did you know that organic cotton farming uses 91% less water than the techniques used for our current conventional cotton? I did not! Waterways are also kept clean and safe from not using pesticides. Additionally, transparency is important to this designer, so much so that she’s the first to let you know that her embroidery is not yet as sustainable as she’d like it to be (but is working towards a fully recycled option as her business grows). In my experience, very few ethical brands are so forthcoming. 
Posie Lingerie
Two beautiful styles are now being carried at NIN Luxury Lingerie. “Meadow Bound”, in which the body is adorned with wildflowers and grasslands, is Posie’s favourite “I think the grasses make it a really unique design”. I have to agree! I love leaf embroidery and haven’t come across another design quite like it with the various grasses providing interesting visual texture. The second, is “Poppy”, a striking red set that features delicate poppies and playful ladybugs (ladybirds). Very cute! I love the thoughtful symmetry throughout the design as well. Each garment is adjustable to ensure a perfect fit and flatters a range of body types. This is fabulous for practical reasons, if you gain or lose a bit of weight it matters not, but additionally great on the sustainability front of simply tweaking a strap adjustment rather than needing to go out and buy a new pair of knickers.
All items are made in the UK, by Posie herself or her very small team, to ensure the highest ethical standards and working conditions are maintained. This in kind reduces Posie’s footprint as with limited transportation comes low carbon emissions. To ensure that as little waste as possible is created, pieces are only ever produced in small runs. 

A personal note: While I’ve yet to experience her pieces firsthand myself (as I’ve previously been outside her bra size range), I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with Posie in the online space for several years now and she has consistently been an absolute joy to connect with. I’ve heard such great things about her lingerie (and about her as a human being) from lingerie loving friends as well. I’m so pleased she is now being stocked at NIN Luxury Lingerie.
@Silk.Sheets.Lingerie.Peeks is a Lingerie Blogger from New Zealand. She enjoys a good cup of tea, long walks on the beach, and rolling around on her large hoard of lingerie like a silk-obsessed Smaug.