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Studio Pia

Ethics are truly at the heart of Studio Pia where luxurious pieces are made with love.
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I’m thrilled to shine a spotlight on my favorite brand, Studio Pia.
In 2016 Pia Conaghan, previously lead designer at Bordelle, set out to create the first lingerie brand using exclusively cruelty-free, organic, peace silk. Combined with stunningly creative rich embroideries which are designed in-house by Pia and produced especially for them by a French couture house. If this wasn’t opulent enough, all pieces are then finished with 24 carat gold plated hardware. Each garment is adjustable to ensure a perfect fit and flatters a range of body types. 
Pia has scoured Europe to bring together materials of the highest quality, with the lowest environmental cost. Organic peace silk (produced by not harming the silkworm), is then dyed by hand using non-toxic dyes. The bespoke embroidery used is thoughtfully engineered by Pia to create minimal waste whilst her designs are brought to life.
Studio Pia is a woman-run small business, with an Atelier in London and a highly skilled factory in Romania. All employees are paid a living wage with high standards of working conditions. When shipping materials to their factory, Studio Pia always chooses carbon-neutral services. Finished products are sent back to the Atelier via land, emitting fewer greenhouse gasses than sending by air. By this point, it should come as no surprise that even the swing tags are made from recycled materials.
Additionally, Studio Pia contributes heavily to One Tree Planted, helping with reforestation efforts in Indonesia, and more recently Australia. Doing so is an effort to help combat deforestation caused by forest fires, livestock farming, the palm oil industry and illegal mining. Deforestation contributes to the habitat loss of some of the most endangered animals, and has a negative impact on air quality.
While I have nothing but supremely positive things to say about the quality and longevity of my pieces, should anything go amiss in your own pieces future, I will quote Pia directly;
“We specify high quality construction for all garments to provide maximum wear. If you require a repair to a Studio Pia piece, we will always endeavour to help mend it.”
Peace silk and peace of mind? Check! 
Studio Pia truly is luxury lingerie with a conscience. 
Studio Pia bridal lingerie
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