Fun things to do in your lingerie this Valentine’s day!

Whether you’re wearing it for yourself or to tempt a certain special someone, here are some ideas to get extra mileage out of your lingerie this Valentine’s day!

Bake up some sweet treats in Agent Provocateur’s Bethanie.
Agent Provocateur Bethanie

Curl up with a good book
Dare them to keep their eyes on the page…and not on this beautiful bustier by I.D. Sarrieri.
ID Sarrieri Bustier

A romantic candlelit dinner at home wearing just lingerie is certain to whet appetites... Let’s face it, dirty dishes are not going to be on anyone's mind when you’re wearing something like Hinda from Agent Provocateur.
Agent Provocateur Hinda

Board Games
Whether you’re channelling Beth Harmon (Chess), Miss Scarlet wondering where that lead pipe could be hiding (Cluedo, by way of Agent Provocateur’s Tanya), or shrewdly negotiating a trade of sheep for wood (Catan), we can all agree that wearing lingerie presents tactical advantage...
Agent Provocateur Tanya Red

Dance like no one's watching! 
Throw on some romantic (or guilty pleasure!) music and have a dance party in E.L.F. Zhou.
ELF ZHOU Playsuit

Scavenger hunt
Hide clues and notes around the house, make it personal. The lingerie can’t come off until all are found! 
French silk lingerie from Camille Roucher

Reflect on the year past, your hopes, and dreams for the future.  This soft velvet and mesh set from The Underargument is just the ticket for contemplation.
The Underargument

I suggest wearing one of your comfiest sets for this activity, or better yet, a silk slip like Agent Provocateur’s Amelea.
Agent Provocateur Amelea
Tea Party
Scones optional, often wearing something fabulous and sipping a good cup of tea is all you need to turn a day around!
Agent Provocateur Gwenith

Whether for yourself to celebrate your body and remember how you felt in something you love, or to send to a lucky recipient to increase anticipation… 
Studio Pia Soraya

@Silk.Sheets.Lingerie.Peeks is a Lingerie Blogger from New Zealand. She enjoys a good cup of tea, long walks on the beach, and rolling around on her large hoard of knickers like a lingerie-obsessed Smaug.