How to buy lingerie for others

While any point in the year is a fabulous time for new lingerie, with the holidays fast approaching many of us are hoping for an indulgent silky something wrapped under the tree.
Buying lingerie as a present can be a daunting task, but not to fear! I’m here to help break it down to the basics and aid in you choosing presents she’ll love!
The two most important things to keep in mind when purchasing for someone else are...

Personal taste
We want to feel comfortable in what we’re wearing, so it’s important to keep your recipient’s tastes in mind. Confidence is sexy after all! 
Think of her style of dress. What does she like wearing? 
Is she demure but sensual? Innovative and sweet?
Is she game for something more daring or colourful?
Perhaps she’s conservative or has classic tastes
Maybe she’s fashion focused and artistic?
It’s always a joy to receive a lavish 3 piece set, and I know many women who struggle to justify purchasing the matching suspender for themselves - even when they desperately wish it.
This is a surefire way to treat her to the full lingerie experience (bonus points for stockings but a matching bra and panty is still a lovely present! 
For the greatest success, picture what the items will look like on her, rather than just the model. I’ve had someone kindly purchase pieces for me in the past, where he was confused that it did not suit me (a large busted woman) in the same way as it did the willowy A-cup model. It had not occurred to him that we all have different body types. Speaking of which, the other important consideration is...
Look through her underwear drawer. Can you find the items you see her wearing frequently? Those are likely to be the pieces that are most comfortable, so do take note of their sizes. You may wish to write down the brands as well, as that can be a big help should you decide to seek advice. You can also have a peek in her closet for traditional clothing number sizes - while this won’t help you with most bra’s sizing, it can be a solid help when it comes to bottoms, bodysuits, and loungewear sizing. 
I will mention that adjustable sizing definitely helps when receiving a gift (and I think they are a game-changing feature in general). Examples of brands that employ this are Studio PiaE.L.F. Zhou, Ari Van Twillert,  and Chité‘s Aurora set.  
Hopefully this has helped in giving you a solid starting off point, but should you find yourself still concerned or unable to locate her bra size, then consider...
Alternatives to the classic bra & knicker sets
Gift cards are an exceedingly easy option. Personally, I love picking out pieces with the person who is going to be seeing it on me. It adds a special layer of emotional connection, anticipation, and you aren’t left guessing about what whets the other’s appetites. 
Otherwise, Kimonos and Robes are fabulous choices! I recommend them often as beyond feeling cozy & sexy at the same time, and the boon of their easy sizing, they tend to get the most wear out of anything in the lingerie category. Whether your recipient is wearing it over a gorgeous set of lingerie or over her sleepwear while sipping her morning coffee, it adds a divinely luxurious element to everyday life. Let’s not forget that it can also be removed in a flash... 
Slips are great for those who prefer a more covered approach, and silk is so delightfully sensual to sleep in. I don’t know a single lady who wouldn’t adore a matching slip & robe.  
Bodysuits are a versatile piece that have proven extremely popular and that popularity shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Whether they’re being worn in the bedroom or with pants (and a blazer if more coverage is wished, there are many styling options) as an outerwear look, bodysuits have easy sizing and are usually quite forgiving. 
If locating her shoe size is easier than gaining access to her knicker drawer, these slip-on bedroom heels are sure to be memorable and pair with everything in her wardrobe.
For something different, these delightfully naughty silk scarves celebration of women and beautiful colour schemes, they’re incredibly detailed and fun to wear. It’s a breeze to showcase as much, or as little (easily folded to be demure), of the more scandalous parts of the design as you so choose.

All purchases from NIN are currently arriving with gift wrapping already taken care of with a black and gold theme (complete with a black satin NIN lingerie bag), leaving you with more time to enjoy the season!
Keep the receipt in case you need to exchange sizes, and don’t be afraid to ask for help! Eva is available via several forms of contact and I’m always happy to assist where I can on Instagram
I hope this has helped you in navigating the many lingerie choices for that special person in your life!


@Silk.Sheets.Lingerie.Peeks is a Lingerie Blogger from New Zealand. She enjoys a good cup of tea, long walks on the beach, and rolling around on her large hoard of knickers like a lingerie-obsessed Smaug.