Lingerie Review: Soraya by Studio Pia

Soraya means precious jewel and that certainly describes this set’s place in my collection.

Soraya’s embroidery draws inspiration from both Henri Rousseau’s painting The Dream and Gustav Klimt’s gold phase. It comes in both black and white colourways to suit a range of moods and occasions. Today I will be reviewing the white version. However, everything below also applies to the black colourway. I own the full sets of both including the robes, and aside from the colour, there are no other differences between the two (surprisingly not always the case!).

Embroidered on sheer tulle, white leaves and gold lotus flowers adorn the body, with golden vines embracing your curves. The sum of which creates a gorgeously ethereal design that I immediately fell in love with several years ago and politely petitioned the brand for the bra to be made in my size. The cruelty-free peace silk is soft and lustrous. Rather than plain elastic, Studio Pia uses silk binding (silk-covered elastic) for a luxurious experience against the skin. These are adjustable on all pieces, ensuring a personalised fit. The pieces also feature gold plated hardware. 

The bra comes in a longline (which I’m reviewing) and a plunge. I find longline bras in general to be very flattering and add something extra to a lingerie set. Plus, when it comes to this design, the more of that gorgeous embroidery the better! Speaking of this, there is also a basque if you decide you wish for even more embroidery coverage. The shoulder straps on both the basque and longline bra can be unhooked and crossed for a cross-strap back.

The suspender has a downwards V shape, which would look especially gorgeous on pregnant tummies. The back has a flattering curve and adjustable silk straps. Its stocking straps are finished with ivory ribbons. Additionally, the piece is officially referred to as a ‘harness suspender’ for a reason; the piece switches from a suspender belt to an ouvert easily, as both the stocking clips and the lower bottom harness straps unclip for you to choose your preference between the two. 

The thong features a flattering double strap back, adjustable side straps, embroidery, peace silk and is finished with a cotton lined gusset which is very soft. The cheeky fit brief is similar except utilizes a lot more embroidery across the bum.

Sizing and fit:
It’s worth my mentioning that Studio Pia changed their fit & sizing from AW21 onwards. My original thong (sized for a UK 12-14) was classed as size 5-6 or Large, but that is now known as a Medium. I find that their bottoms tend to run a bit big in general. However, due to the amount of adjustability in these pieces, it is easy to make different sizes work for you. Depending on the piece, I can wear two of the sizes in the below size chart without a single issue.

The new design of the longline bra features a 3 piece cup for more cup depth. Previously the cup was small & shallow, and the band was running very tight (did not fit the advertised size range). The band is running more true to size now, but I still have concerns that the largest advertised band sizes (38’s) would find it too tight. My size 8 bra, fully extended and stretched to its maximum (which would be unwearable on the body) barely hits 38”. However, this is still a marked improvement from how the band was previously running. The cup definitely has improved, but could still use further depth in my humble opinion. The gore (the middle part of your bra, between the cups) does not tack on me due to it being shallow still, and this experience has been echoed by every other woman I’ve spoken to who owns Soraya above a size 3. To get around this, some women are sizing up. I would say the current iteration of this bra would best suit shallow and wide-set breasts, that were full on top. This breast shape is quite rare, so if that’s not you, don’t despair, as I’ve still only heard raves from those who have seen me in it, and despite any fit issues it is still one of my favourite sets. 

The harness suspender belt is the most forgiving of all of Studio Pia’s designs I’ve tried thus far (I’ve tried most) due to its large amount of stretch. It’s very comfortable to wear, in either suspender or ouvert/harness mode.

As mentioned previously, the bottoms run on the bigger side. Both are very comfortable. The brief I have has well-trimmed embroidery and is not scratchy (metallic thread can be scratchy).
I really love Studio Pia’s double strap thongs. They have been my favourite for years, so flattering, and there’s only one downside which is a common complaint: the back straps themselves are a bit long. If these were shortened, they would be absolute perfection.

I’ve had some of my Soraya pieces since 2019, and they are holding up very well.  The seams are sturdy, and the peace silk itself seems reasonably hardy. Silk is, of course, a delicate fabric, but the weave is strong. 
I’ve since added another bottom to my collection, as this helps spread out the wear on special sets, and being able to choose between a brief or thong depending on the situation is lovely. This has allowed me to wear a thong on days when I wanted an emotional boost (I firmly believe your favourite pieces should be worn as often as possible!), without any concern that I’d need to immediately rewash that bottom before being able to wear the full set.

Styling suggestions:
The matching robe takes this set to a whole other level. If interested, you can read my in-depth review of this stunning piece here
Otherwise, there are matching silk garters as well as a collar to spice things up. 

Soraya is available at NIN Luxury Lingerie in a variety of styles.

All items in this review were purchased by myself and all opinions are my own.

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