Review: Seamed stockings from What Katie Did

What Katie Did is a UK brand creating authentic 40’s & 50’s vintage reproduction stockings. They’re made in Italy, which is renowned for its quality hosiery manufacturing. These stockings appear in many film and television productions, vintage fashion enthusiasts’ closets, and of course, lingerie lovers’ drawers.
These days, wearing stockings and suspender belts are more commonplace in the boudoir while adding something extra to an outfit. Personally, I wish I had discovered stockings much earlier than I did for purely practical reasons. I am no longer spending time forever hoisting up the crotch of tights/pantyhose throughout my day, and gone are the hours of feeling like I’m being cut in half by the rolled down waistbands. I now fully eschew tights in favour of the much more comfortable garter belt & stockings combo. In addition to the above, I find that garter belts can create a much more flattering line under garments and can provide a pleasing optional cinch to the waist. The allure of adding seamed stockings is simply an added bonus!
What Katie Did’s seamed stockings come in a variety of colours. The classics are the Black on Black and the Black/Champagne shades, but they also come in a range of fun colours that can easily be special-ordered in just for you. With options like Red, Claret, Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, Baby Blue, Teal, Mustard Yellow, Pumpkin Orange and a Black/Red combo (perfection when paired with Louboutin heels!) there is sure to be a colour that appeals to all.
Black seamed stockings are one of the most iconic items of clothing from the 20th century, instantly adding intrigue and glamour to your ensemble and a perfect match for a complete lingerie outfit. With the added colour choices, it’s also easy to create a colour chromatic look to accompany your favourite set, or add an intriguing pop of colour to an outfit. One of my favourite aspects of this design is the wide retro-style welt (band). It is quite eye-catching in every shade, but especially so in the coloured versions.
What Katie Did has two sizing lines. Standard and Curve. Standard fits up to a UK 18 with height references of 5’1-5’7 for S/M, and 5’5-5’11 for M/L. Curve is designed to fit UK18-26 (Euro 46-54/Fr 48-56) and heights 5’1-5’9.
Personally, I opt for a M/L, due to my preference for sizing up in stockings. I prefer what I refer to as an “opera length” stocking, where it ends just below my bum. I find this both very flattering and comfortable. For reference, I am 5’7.
While all stockings are unavoidably transient by nature, I’ve experienced a reasonably high wear time with my WKD stockings. While they are not the softest stockings in my admittedly ample collection, they do stand up very well in durability as a mid-tier brand. If you’re overly concerned about hitches and getting the most daily wear out of your stockings, a tip is that a neutral leg (the champagne version) disguises any snags you may receive, versus a black stocking which tends to show every flaw (but has an iconic look of course). 
In terms of cost per wear, these stockings are only bested by one other (higher end) brand in my collection. As a mid-tier cost option, they are excellent!
Overall, I would highly recommend WKD’s stockings. They wear well, are flattering, and add something different to an outfit no matter what shade you choose. The fully black, champagne/black, and champagne/pink seamed stockings are currently available at NIN Luxury Lingerie for 14.50€. Other fun colours are available at request.
I own 8 pairs of WKD’s seamed stockings. All were purchased by myself, and as always, all opinions are my own.
@Silk.Sheets.Lingerie.Peeks is a Lingerie Blogger from New Zealand. She enjoys a good cup of tea, long walks on the beach, and rolling around on her large hoard of knickers like a lingerie-obsessed Smaug.