Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Are you wishing to buy your partner something special for Valentine’s day, but not sure where to start? While I’ve written a must-read gift guide recently, I’m back with a couple extra Valentine’s tips to share.

Roses wilt, but lingerie never does! There’s no question that lingerie long outlasts flowers, and has the added bonus of being a frequent reminder of affection whenever they see it. I always receive a permanent mood boost for the day whenever I glimpse pieces that were special presents in my closet. 

Beautiful wrapping is a must! Luckily, NIN takes care of this entirely, with all orders arriving in a gift box and Valentine’s themed ribbons. If you use the code “ VALENTINES2021” you can add a Valentine’s Chocolate and a handwritten note, for free!

Give the gift in private. While out to dinner, or during a lunch break, is not the time and place. They’ll appreciate the privacy and the time to inspect the details. Perhaps a spur-of-the-moment lingerie show will eventuate! 

Take their tastes into consideration. With your reflective choice, they’ll surely wear it with confidence and you may have to call the fire department to put out the sensual fire in your bedroom.

On a budget? New knickers are always welcome. If you’ve seen them wearing a certain type, a safe choice is to find a similar cut in one of their favourite colours. 
If you know of a favourite set that they wear regularly, an extra matching bottom (keep it the same or switch it up with the opposite thong or brief) from the same set would not go amiss. This is the piece that gets the most wear, so, often we will purchase a second bottom to counteract this. But not everyone can afford it during the initial purchase. The same thing can happen with suspender belts often a most desired, yet relegated item - and one should never underestimate the appeal of a full matching set! Finally, stockings are a nice small gift that can tie a set together. 

Here are some red hot ideas to get you started...

Looking for a showstopper? This Elissa Poppy Corset dress is guaranteed to spice things up!

The matching waspie is also a versatile piece for mixing and matching. 

Newly launched, The Underargument’s For Sexy/Against Sexism set has soft mesh and easy sizing.

A luxurious and full-busted option is Damson by Harlow & Fox. 

Chite’s Aurora takes a more casual approach. 

Want to try something more adventuresome? Why not give her the gift of Bracli pearls

The versatile Agent Provocateur Amelea slip dress feels lovely against the skin.

Still unsure after browsing your options? Gift cards are a great option. Personally, I love picking out pieces with the person who is going to be seeing it on me. It adds a special layer of emotional connection, anticipation, and you aren’t left guessing about what whets the other’s appetites.

I hope this has helped you in navigating the many lingerie choices for that special person in your life!

@Silk.Sheets.Lingerie.Peeks is a Lingerie Blogger from New Zealand. She enjoys a good cup of tea, long walks on the beach, and rolling around on her large hoard of knickers like a lingerie-obsessed Smaug.