Lingerie Review: Molly by Agent Provocateur

Lingerie review Agent Provocateur Molly

Today I’m reviewing a romantic red set made out of delightfully lustrous silk, one of Agent Provocateur’s most beloved and classic luxury designs, Molly.

The bra is a plunge style featuring a lightly padded foam cup lined in cotton. Black hand-cut French Leaver's lace lays atop of its red silk cups, using tiny well-placed stitches. If you want to learn more about Leaver’s lace, I wrote about it in my previous blog where I reviewed a classic black lace set, Hinda. The front portion of the bra straps are luxuriously wrapped in silk, with the back being decoratively woven elastic. Agent Provocateur advertised that the sliders on this style are gold-plated. For added embellishment, there is a matching black satin bow nestled between the cups. 

The suspender belt almost reminds me of a small sexy apron, and may be loved by those who may be self-conscious of their middle area. The luxury experience continues with cohesive double-sided silk-wrapped stocking straps and gold plated sliders. The black French Leavers lace is sewn 3/4rds of the way around the bottom of the suspender belt. This leaves a lot of the backside without the lace, which matches the plain back of the bra. When the set is viewed from the back, this allows the eye to be instantly drawn to your rear (as the brief has black Leavers lace on the bottom) - a smart design decision. The belt is also finished with a matching black bow on the top middle of the waistband.

The brief leans towards more of a cheeky cut than a traditional brief, and is very flattering. It can be worn on the lower hip, or higher waisted as well. It has a matching black bow at the top waistband, and the black Leavers lace spans the top of the leg openings down to the lower bottom. When viewed from the back, it commands attention positively. It is finished with a comfortable cotton gusset.

The thong is a mid-rise cut. It also has a black bow at the middle of the waistband and features black Leavers lace on the front. The back is plain silk and with a sculpted back. Once again, there are gold plated findings that attach silk-wrapped waistband straps to the front of the piece. The gusset is a comfortable cotton.

A word on Red:
In psychology studies, out of all the colours, red was found to both attract the most attention and elicit the strongest emotional reaction. It has also been shown to be consistently rated as the most sexually attractive. In a 2008 study, men were shown an image of a woman wearing red and a woman wearing blue. When shown the woman wearing red, the participants rated her as more sexually desirable than the woman wearing blue (despite them being one and the same woman!). Red also is known to spike energy levels, increase heart rate and enhance your metabolism - part of why it’s such a popular restaurant colour. Unsurprisingly, it’s also shown to increase…other…appetites. If that isn’t enough, aside from black, I would argue it’s the most versatile colour in your lingerie drawer. It suits many occasions, big & small - anniversaries, Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, you get the picture! 

Sizing & Fit:
I was surprised to find that AP has changed the fit of Molly from its previous season. The bra band is now running true to size, rather than the usual size down. The cup remains the same (AP’s normal cup is shallow and runs small). The fit is flattering, comfortable, and provides an extra uplift to the bust. While this style looks great on everyone, those who wear smaller cup sizes - this is definitely a style to try! I have seen it look especially amazing on so many of my smaller cup sisters.

The suspender is also running larger, as are the briefs. The brief cut has also slightly changed from last season. It is now more generous in the waistband, but a lot more so in the leg opening. The thong however seems to be running the same as the previous releases.

If you’ve owned Molly in the past, you may wish to consider sizing down from your usual sizes depending on your choice of bottom (or wearing the brief much higher on your hips if you stick with your usual size).

I know ladies who have been wearing their Molly sets on and off since 2014, and they’re still in rotation. While it's important to note that the women in question understand how to take care of their lingerie, that is pretty impressive! Fine silk can be damaged if not cared for correctly, but if you care for it properly, it will serve you well. 

Styling suggestions:
Seamlessly pairing with other black or red pieces, the styling options for this set are near endless. However, this set also has a matching kimono that is STUNNING. NIN only has one left, so one of you better snap it up before I do!

Overall this is an extremely classic and highly recommended set. If you are starting your lingerie journey or are a seasoned connoisseur, this is certainly a look to invest in. It is comfortable enough to wear under everyday clothes or under a special outfit for a romantic evening. All of this makes Molly one of my top suggestions. 


@Silk.Sheets.Lingerie.Peeks is a Lingerie Blogger from New Zealand. She enjoys a good cup of tea, long walks on the beach, and rolling around on her large hoard of lingerie like a silk-obsessed Smaug.

Three pieces of the four pieces mentioned in this review were gifted. All opinions remain my own.